Skin Cancer Treatment In Manchester

Skin Cancer Treatment In Manchester

skin cancer treatment in manchesterFind out more about Skin Cancer Treatment in Manchester below.

Skin cancer is a condition that can be potentially very serious, and affects millions of people all over the world every single year. Men and women of all ages have been diagnosed, and it is one of the most common forms of cancer around right now.

In the United States, a study illustrates that one in five Americans will likely develop skin cancer at some stage during their lifetime.

At Dermatologist Manchester, our highly skilled dermatology team will thoroughly examine your skin for any moles or lesions that look suspicious. If necessary, samples will be taken to be further checked by a pathologist. If any of the three forms of skin cancer are detected – Basal Cell Carcinoma, Squamous Cell Carcinoma, or Melanoma – the dangerous cells can be removed by surgical procedure.

It`s worth noting it is very important to identify and catch skin cancer during the early stages. You should be encouraged to check your body regularly for changes to your skin. Such changes might include abnormal growths, new or dark moles.

If you come to observe a mole or mark on your skin that was not there previously, one that you didn`t recognise before, or maybe a mole that has altered in appearance, it is crucial that you book an appointment with Dermatologist Manchester as soon as possible.
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