Mole Removal In Manchester

Mole Removal In Manchester

Mole Removal in ManchesterMole Removal In Manchester – Each person has an average of around ten to forty moles at the time of reaching adulthood. For most people, moles are not a matter for concern, but for others who may have a suspicious looking mole suddenly appear, a visit to a mole removal clinic for a professional diagnosis may be the wisest choice they make.

Our expert Manchester skin specialists and dermatologists have performed thousands of mole removals, and have many years experience of various skin surgeries. This makes them the perfect choice for patients looking for mole removal in Manchester.

Treatment Options

We are frequently asked our opinion on the best method of mole removal, and the much hyped scar-less techniques that are offered by some clinics and beauty salons. As medical practitioners and specialists at mole removal in Manchester, we believe one of the most safest ways to mole removal is utilising surgical excisions.

As for laser treatments, we would not advise this for moles as the subsequent burned moles would not be ideal for proper laboratory analysis. Without a detailed laboratory analysis (Histology) there is no guarantee after the mole was removed if it was cancerous or not. This would further increase anxiety despite having it removed.

Furthermore, there are numerous stories, including many posts featured in online forums which you can read about the disasterous results of alternative surgery. They highlight in much detail the poor experiences with the laser and radio procedures, only for the moles to re-appear again after a few months.

Why Choose Us?

Unlike other clinics which are GP led, The Manchester Dermatology Clinic has a qualified Dermatologist undertaking all our procedures. Our Manchester Dermatologists have performed mole removals all over the body which results in a cosmetically pleasing outcome. We are conscious of how important the cosmetic result means to our patients,

What Is a Skin Mole?

There are various types of skin irregularities which can be referred to as moles. The growths occur when cells develop in a cluster, rather than spreading evenly across the skin. The mole may be flat or raised, ranging from a pinkish colour to dark brown or black. Moles can form at birth, but the majority of people aren`t affected by them until later in life. Additionally, sun exposure and genetics can both play a role in their formation.

When To See a Doctor

Most moles are harmless and pose no health risks at all, but some moles may be a sign of cancer. If you are over the age of thirty and observe a new or existing mole that changes colour, size, or shape, it`s a good idea to have it checked over by a doctor as soon as possible. Spots that are painful, itchy, or display signs of bleeding are a reason for concern as well.

Our Manchester mole removal clinic can evaluate and remove cancerous growths, and we also treat individuals who want moles removed for cosmetic reasons. We are a busy mole removal clinic that sees patients routinely looking for mole analysis and mole removal.

Same Day Removal Available

There are a wide variety of mole removal creams available without prescription. However, in many cases these creams do more harm than good. The most effective and safest options are surgical procedures performed by a specialist mole removal clinic. Basic excision is the most common method of mole removal in Manchester. Skin level excisions will typically involve cauterization, this is where heat is used to control the bleeding, while deeper cuts usually require stitches. Laser excision is offered by some mole removal clinics but we do not recommend this. This technique at best can be used for small growths that show no signs of cancer.

If you are concerned about a new skin growth or want help eliminating an unsightly blemish, our mole removal clinic can offer you expert advice and treatment. Contact us today to book your Mole Removal in Manchester.

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