Hair Loss Treatment In Manchester

Hair Loss Treatment In Manchester

Hair Loss Treatment In ManchesterThis page will help provide information on seeking effective Hair Loss Treatment in Manchester. There are numerous causes which can trigger hair loss, and a professional diagnosis is essential to enable treatment to be successful.

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Hair Loss is a distressing condition otherwise known as Alopecia, and it typically affects the scalp and at times, the entire body. Although hair loss is mostly associated in men, it can invariably affect females and children too. Our highly experienced private Manchester Dermatologist frequently treats patients who are affected by common hair loss issues and is able to offer a range of treatment options for them.

Hair Loss Treatment In Manchester – Prevalence and Risk Factors

The prevalence of Alopecia hair loss can be dependant upon populations, gender and ages. It is found most commonly in middle aged men who are suffering from male pattern baldness. There are numerous medical conditions that are known to cause baldness as well, these can include thyroid problems, scalp infections, and skin conditions that produces scarring such as lupus. Additionally, medications that are used to treat arthritis, heart problems, high blood pressure, depression and cancer also increase a person`s risk of suffering sudden or gradual hair loss.

Hair Loss Treatment In Manchester – Causes

It is acknowledged that as one of the primary causes of Alopecia, genetics frequently plays a significant role in determining who will suffer from hair loss. This type of skin condition is referred to as male pattern baldness, or female pattern baldness in women. It has even been observed by the Manchester Dermatology Clinic as early as puberty.

Another well known cause of hair loss can be put down to hormonal changes within the body or imbalances that occur at menopause. Further causes may include a discontinuation of birth control medications, pregnancy, or even childbirth. These popular causes of Alopecia are generally viewed by our Manchester Dermatologist to be a temporary loss, associated directly with hormonal change.

Androgenetic Alopecia is the most common form of hair loss in both men and women of today. However, there are scientifically proven treatments which are available to help slow down or perhaps even reverse the process. It is well recognised that the sooner the necessary treatment begins, the results have proven to be more successful.

Alopecia Areata is another frequent condition involving losing hair and affects many people. It is a disease that causes the immune system to attack hair follicles, and results in round smooth patches of hair loss on the scalp.


The hair loss treatment in Manchester recommended by our Dermatologist differs according to the varying causes of the Alopecia itself. The Dermatologist will undertake a series of tests on patients to determine what may be causing the hair loss, and to then suggest how best to treat it at the Manchester skin clinic.
Often, our Dermatologist in Manchester may recommend medications such as Rogaine or Propecia as an initial form of treatment. Also, if deemed to be appropriate, other treatments may include Follicular Unit Extraction, hair transplant, nutritional supplements and selected laser therapies.

If the hair loss has appeared suddenly, it will be recommended to see a doctor as soon as possible, as it may require medical treatment of an underlying condition. The Dermatology Clinic in Manchester is very keen to help sufferers regain their self confidence that may be lacking whilst suffering from a distressing hair loss condition.

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